Adam, MaX5 Racing at Anglesey, 4/9/16

My first race in almost a year, sharing someone else's car, and starting from the back due to setting no qualifying time...

We've all seen those 'start from the rear and charge through the pack' type videos, but I'd never had chance to do one before... Massive amounts of fun!

One of the most rewarding things was lap times, averaging around 2s faster than the last time I'd driven this car at Anglesey in exactly the same spec - proves hands-down that driver improvement is the main source of lap time reduction...

CleaR Motosport Westfield at MDA Sprint, Blyton Park, 19-4-15

Here's Adam driving his XE-powered Westfield at Blyton Park in April 2015.

The car was frequently used on the road and had done a couple of commutes and a ~50 mile run to the local Westfield meet in the week running up to the event, but it came straight off the trailer without any changes apart from tyre pressures and an anti roll bar tweak to change handling balance. Despite this and it being Adam's first ever sprint, the car was competitive against some seriously track-focused machinery and we ended up with the 2nd fastest time of the day!

The car has custom developed geometry and spring rates, corner weighting, custom made anti roll bars and rear diffuser.

Adam Bessell - 750MC 5 Club Racing at Brands Hatch

Close and exciting racing is the norm for MX-5s, as shown in this video!

Adam was carrying maximum success ballast of 30kg for this race as he was in the lead of the championship at the time, which equated to around 0.5s a lap around here. Starting 5th and finishing 4th was a great result!

CleaR Motosport Westfield at WSCC Sprint, Blyton Park, 9/7/16

More sprint action from Blyton Park, this time on Toyo 888 tyres but still in the road legal category.

I had sold the car by this point so was double driving with the new owner. Once again, plenty of road driving was done the week before to get used to the car and it was rolled off the trailer straight into action!

The result was a class win by around 4.5s and also finishing 2s ahead of the car's owner.

Adam & Adam in a Mk3 MX-5 at Silverstone, 28/2/16

This is what track days are all about - 2 mates sharing a car, roof down, chatting away with the radio on and giving it plenty of beans!

The day was mostly dry but we still managed to get the it sideways often as you'll see :-)

The car is my daily driver and has custom developed geometry, RX-8 anti roll bars, BC coilovers and Federal RSR-595 tyres as well as a few map / exhaust tweaks.

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